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eSchoolPlus Release

New Feature

The release includes a feature update for Student Classifications.



District Defined Alert

This release introduces Student Classifications to the list of tables allowed to be set up as District Defined Alert criteria. This table only contains data if the district is configured to allow multiple Student Classifications.

If the student has more than one classification and the classification is setup as a District Defined Alert, this alert will be displayed in eSchoolPlus and in TAC.


The release includes an enhancement for the HAC District Configuration.



HAC District Configuration

This release introduces the Registration Email section to the HAC District Configuration page. The values updated in this section will be used to generate emails by HAC during the Forgot Password and Register New Account processes.

Note: The values entered in the From Email fields will supersede the Registration Email field from the DCU. If no value is entered, the software will continue using the DCU value.

Resolved Issues

The following issues were resolved in this release.

Reference Number




Behavior Referral

The behavior referral in the Discipline module experienced an issue where changes could not be saved due to a potentially dangerous request form value. An error message "Value cannot be null. Parameter name: source" appeared when attempting to save any action on the record. The problem was specifically caused by the presence of the characters "<>" in the student comment field. This has been resolved.


Building Gradebook Categories

The Building Gradebook Categories was allowing invalid characters in the code field (? , % “ | & or space) to be saved which would later cause issues. This has been resolved and if invalid characters have previously been saved, a script will be run to resolve the invalid characters.


eSchoolPlus API

Changes to the logging process for the eSchoolPlus API to remove details of requests and responses so that no possible PII can be included.


Gradebook Entry - Score Deletion

Deleting a student’s score from a gradebook assignment should delete the associated record from the database table, API_GUID_GB_SCORE. This has been resolved.


Import User Account Information

The process for importing user account information was incorrectly altering the login type of users from 2 to 3. Specifically, when importing staff global IDs, the login type should have remained as 2. However, after the import process ran, the login type was erroneously being changed to 3 instead of retaining the intended value of 2. Consequently, this alteration was leading to complications in the export process, resulting in incorrect global IDs for staff in the table. This has been resolved.


Incident Action/Attendance Verification Report

The Incident Action/Attendance Verification report was retrieving attendance periods for students that were not designated as attendance periods for those students. This has been resolved.


Mark Type Setup

Updated the processing to prevent the deletion of a once per year mark that is actively being used.


Master Schedule

In the Master Schedule Paging feature, when selecting "Show Session Information" and attempting to navigate to the next page, the second page was displaying as blank with the header showing "page 2 of 1." This has been resolved.


Master Schedule Mass Update

The Master Schedule Mass Update was failing when filtering on the Master Schedule with the criteria "Classify Stu Max <> (a numeric value)”. This was resulting in an error that indicated “error converting data type varchar to numeric”. This has been resolved.


Master Schedule Staff Dates

When a drop or end date was added to a staff date tracking record, the change UID and change date should update appropriately. However, the change date and change UID were not updated when adding a drop or end date for a staff date tracking record. This has been resolved.


OneRoster - Users

Resolved the problem of the Out of District Buildings retrieved in the OneRoster Users endpoints designated for Teachers.


OneRoster - Users and Student Endpoints

In the Plus360 API, specifically for the OneRoster Users and Student endpoints, enhancements have been made to optimize performance. The view utilized for generating the user building list has been updated to enhance performance. Additionally, the logic for these endpoints has been adjusted so that the subquery views are queried only once instead of once per record returned, further improving performance.


OneRoster API - orgs

When filtering the orgs endpoint based on datelastmodified, the datetime was not returned correctly. This has been resolved and the time is now returned in the 24-hour format.


OneRoster API - user endpoint

The user endpoint was sometimes failing when non-numeric staff IDs were returned. This has been resolved.


Perfect Attendance Report

The Perfect Attendance Report was not counting the correct list of students in the log file due to an issue with counting Entry/Withdrawal records versus unique students. This has been resolved.


Perfect Attendance Report and Attendance Trend Reports

The Perfect Attendance Report and Attendance Trend Reports were failing to accurately select attendance for dates corresponding to a student's enrollment date because the Entry/Withdrawal rule was not properly being applied. This has been resolved.


Plus360 API - OneRoster

Resolved an issue where the Plus360 API would generate an exception (code 500) when failing to authenticate an OAuth2 token instead of properly returning an unauthorized response code (code 401).


Print Transcripts

When printing transcripts by school year and “Print courses without marks” is not enabled, a building section could be printed on the report with no courses, if all of those courses did not issue marks. The warehouse process has been modified to clear out any building records where no course detail data exists as it finishes processing a student.


Print Transcripts

Resolved an issue where transcripts grouped by school year and containing multiple RC run records within transfer buildings, occasionally resulted in the printed report failing to locate the building name or grade for a transfer building.


Registration Mass Update

The Registration Mass Update feature now correctly displays the apostrophe character ('), resolving the issue where it was showing as &#39. The character now displays as expected during a mass update.


Schedule Entry

When a student is Inactive in Entry/Withdrawal, the student’s trailed course information is no longer accessible to remove trailing from dropped courses. This has been resolved.


Schedule Entry - List View

Trailing was not modeling correctly on the list view before keeping the schedule. This has been resolved.


Staff Information

The delete checkbox was displaying on the Staff Information page even though the staff had been used as a staff for the course at some time during the year. The logic for the delete checkbox is also updated to verify the Staff Date Tracking information.


Student Support - Success Plan

The Student Success Plan view in HAC now displays rendered data correctly on the Success Plan tab, resolving the issue where HTML code was previously shown around Goals/Objectives.



Resolved a problem concerning attachments, ensuring that teachers can now only access attachments from their respective students.


TAC - Activities

In TAC Activities, students were showing as inactive if they were in the same activity in prior years with the same teacher and activity code. This has been resolved.


TAC - Competency - Free Text Comments

HTML code was displaying in the Competency free text area of TAC when viewing comments for different marking periods. This has been resolved.


TAC - Copy Assignments

Copying categories between courses was resulting in duplicate entries. This has been resolved.


TAC and HAC Browse Tab Icons

Resolved an issue where the Browse Tab Icons were missing in Teacher Access Center (TAC) and Home Access Center (HAC).


TAC Gradebook Detail Report

TAC Gradebook Detail Report averages were not matching the Gradebook average when the assignment had extra credit. The assignment was set to ‘Add To Total Points’ and the grade input was alpha-numeric. The calculation was skipping the extra credit in this scenario. This has been resolved.


Test Scores at Risk Setup

Test Scores at Risk Setup was requiring SSP security to access. This has been resolved to only require the LTDB SETUP QUALSETUP security resource.


HAC Classwork and HAC Report Card Assignment List

If the 'Include Unpublished Scores in Student Averages' option is selected in the HAC Configuration, both published and unpublished assignments should be displayed in the assignment lists within HAC Classwork and HAC Report Card. Previously, the list only showed published assignments, which resulted in inaccuracies in the displayed averages despite being correct. This has been resolved.

SHA256 Hash Information

Reference Number




SHA256 file hashes for installation utilities

The SHA256 File Hashes for the release are as follows:

  • espUpdateUtility.exe: 14AD8C04E0F9CE04AA42BF7C8900E17C0BDD4235E276BD2B4D760BC309C56723

  • eSPScriptRunner.exe: C5E359A859DBA7237D53F1F757F8940337C85B7FE01ACB4203ED95F496C70335

  • DistrictConfig.exe: A48A75354727C1653D46526EFC1046C55A11610A5AF29CED68A606152B1F2ACF

State Reporting

This release includes changes for the following states:

  • California

  • Illinois

  • Maryland

  • New Jersey

  • Ohio

  • Oregon

  • Pennsylvania

  • Texas

  • Virginia

  • Washington

Release notes are available on your state's eSchoolPlus online documentation site.

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