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eSchoolPlus Release

Resolved Issue

The following issue was resolved in this release.

Reference Number




MSB Course Setup Utility

When running the MSB Course Setup Utility and rebuilding already built sections, the blockettes were incorrectly having the number of requests, average class size, and the number of sections set to 0, while the main block was built successfully. This has been resolved.

SHA256 Hash Information

Reference Number




SHA256 file hashes for installation utilities

The SHA256 File Hashes for the release are as follows:

  • espUpdateUtility.exe: 151FAF925C3F66849307A09DDC82B17D29DCD0423FC7D2DD6D4C2A667C763684

  • eSPScriptRunner.exe: A12D0C8529AFA126AA705EF969B0C8FE4240CFBED29276A79A2B81F0236380B1

  • DistrictConfig.exe: D6A1121325B7AD575C7CB41C85E519FD4128D0C5F70E49E5F06E7131D89B6B87

State Reporting

This release includes changes for the following states:

  • California

  • Ohio

  • Pennsylvania

  • Texas

  • Virginia

This release also includes Federal changes for the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) Federal Civil Rights Data Collection.

Release notes are available on your state's eSchoolPlus online documentation site.

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