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eSchoolPlus Release

Resolved Issues

The following issues were resolved in this release.

Reference Number




API Profile

On the API Profile - API Status Logs option, the headings were not able to be filtered. This has been resolved.


Attendance Detail Page

The Attendance Detail page was not loading the courses when the student had attendance in multiple buildings. This has been resolved.


Attendance Trends Reports

Resolved an issue where the Attendance Trends reports could duplicate absence data on the day a student’s Entry/Withdrawal vector ends and the state uses a State Withdrawal Type of F (First day not in school).


Attendance Trends Summary Report

Resolved an issue where the Attendance Trends Summary report would only show absences in the first period of a multi-period course.


Graduation Requirements

Corrected an issue when saving the Graduation Requirements page would result in checking security against a course’s building instead of the student’s building, preventing some users from being able to modify the requirements.


HAC Classwork

Resolved an issue where the HAC Classwork “Show Overall Average” display was including unpublished assignments in the average.


K12 Authentication Provider

Resolved an issue where the K12 Authentication Provider could fail to start up if a single database in the DCU is unreachable. The unreachable database will now be skipped, and the error will be logged to the log file (in the application’s logs directory) instead of causing a crash.


Learning Locations

An error was occurring when accessing the Learning Locations program if the student had an Open summer program and a current-year program. This has been resolved.


Load Gradebook Averages

The Load Gradebook Averages page did not initialize the page for new prompts. This has been resolved.


Screen Print

When performing screen prints for pages that display reports onscreen, the screen print was displaying the report as well as the background since removing HiQPdf. This has been resolved with the Screen Print Styling features.


Student Success Plan

Student Success Plan comments were being appended when saving too many characters (more than 255). This has been resolved.


Student Totals Attendance Register Report

When an attendance code contains a period, and the register report was run, the task was causing an error. This has been resolved.


TAC Student Drawer - Tests

HTML code was displaying in the TAC Student drawer under Tests. This has been resolved.


Transcript Templates

For user-created templates, updated the use of ‘legal_gender’ to correctly reflect the student’s legal gender value in the reg_legal_info table. Also, added the functionality to use gender and gender_identity in custom transcripts if required.

Added legal_name, legal_gender, gender, and gender_identity to the ‘Show Available Fields’ for the Transcripts page to reflect that they can be used.


Transfer Course Entry

When adding course to a transfer building, the Credit Rule field will now default to the value selected in the District Course Catalog.


Trends Report

Modified the Trends Report pages so that when a user changes buildings, the page will clear out selected prompts that are invalid in the new building.


Update Utility

Large enough numbers of log files could cause the Update Utility to error when backing up the Task application folders. Updated the Task Agent service to delete log files from its folder that are older than 30 days.


VA SBAR Download

The duplicate Offense Action codes were displaying under the Incident Detail page. This has been resolved.

SHA256 Hash Information

Reference Number




SHA256 file hashes for installation utilities

The SHA256 File Hashes for the release are as follows:

  • espUpdateUtility.exe: D0FEC9E3F08D0268730CC1ADB1E1A9C206FCF6C31748C9AFFD0E6D795F88B2A3

  • eSPScriptRunner.exe: 6E0310B0AE606E260B434B29457AD23F9073259BAD70FD8B88404EEA44C4FFBA

  • DistrictConfig.exe: FAC4404206937D17064D02F65FD31322C9B77435AC5EB34ADAAD9C2F0A225100

State Reporting

This release includes changes for the following states:

  • Connecticut

  • Illinois

  • Maryland

  • New York

  • Ohio

  • Oregon

  • Pennsylvania

  • Texas

  • Virginia

  • Washington

This release also includes Federal changes for the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) Federal Civil Rights Data Collection.

Release notes are available on your state's eSchoolPlus online documentation site.

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