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eSchoolPlus Release

New Features

The eSchoolPlus Maintenance release includes the following new features.




The third-party PDF printing tool previously used to provide the Print option on the eSchoolPlus User Menu has been removed. The Print option will now use the browser's built-in print capabilities, which improves the performance of screen printing.

Browser PrintThis release includes the Browser Print feature to print the current page in color. 

Communication History, Interval Totals, Behavior Incidents, Graduation Requirements, and Attendance View Setup

This release includes the Scroll On Page/In Grid toggle option added to these pages. The last used setting will be maintained as a user preference and be the default mode for future page visits.

To scroll vertically within the xxxxxxxx panel to view more options, use the vertical scroll bar. To change vertical scrolling to scroll within the page, click the Additional Options icon on the xxxxxxxx panel, and then select Scroll on Page. To change back to the grid scrolling, click the Additional Options icon on the xxxxxxxx panel, and then select Scroll in Grid.

Guided Walkthroughs

New eSchoolPlus Admin users can now view a guided walkthrough within the eSchoolPlus application. This walkthrough will introduce the key features on the eSchoolPlus home page, such as the menu, quick search, online help, and more. New users can choose to view the guide or not, and can view it again from the Onboarding Help, available by clicking the hovering PowerSchool logo near the footer of the page. This will be available for all customers running eSchoolPlus or later (this will be in effect immediately, with or without taking the software update.)

In the future, PowerSchool will launch other types of dialogs to improve the user experience, such as surveys and banners. These will be used minimally as too many can become intrusive and distracting. These dialogs will help users get important information and give feedback.

Resolved Issues

The following issues were resolved in this release.

Reference Number



ESP-83344Entry Withdrawal and Student Course Detail

Corrected the behavior of dropping a student from a course to match what is in the requirements documentation.

ESP-76220GeoCode Error Scan

The NYBOR GeoCode Error Scan was not processing students when the development did not match between the address and plan area setup. This has been resolved.

ESP-77138MSB Error Scan

Courses set up with Course Availability of both Regular School and Summer School were being flagged with a “Requested course not found in course catalog” error. This has been resolved.

ESP-82095OneRoster API - Gradebook

The OneRoster API - Gradebook pass back (used by Canvas and other Gradebook third parties) was incorrectly applying assignment weight on individual assignments. This has been resolved.

ESP-85980OneRoster API - GradebookThe Gradebook endpoint would cause issues if some of the Gradebook Assignments had been deleted and then new assignments were added. This has been resolved.
ESP-81690Screen Print

Updated the Screen Print feature in eSchoolPlus to use the Browser Print instead of the prior server-side method.

ESP-85919SSO Login Issues in Hosting Mode

When using Hosting Mode, SSO Login issues were occurring for some users. This has been resolved.

ESP-76255Staff Building

Users were able to access and change Staff Type Counselor with Read-Only Security access. This has been resolved.

ESP-85851Student Summary

The email icon on the Student Summary page was causing an error indicating that the address cannot be an empty string. This has been resolved.

ESP-85918TAC Competencies

The TAC Competency Entry page was erroring. The size of the data loading on the screen for a single competency group had exceeded a page limit. The limit has been set to the maximum at this point, and it is possible that the amount of data could exceed this and cause an error. To prevent this error, do not include hundreds of students in a competency group. (The length of student names, number of alerts, and so on, will factor into the maximum amount of data, so it may work for 800 students, or it may not).


When opening a file of type .TXT the file name was displaying as ‘FileStream’ instead of the actual file name in the directory. This has been resolved.

ESP-86014Update Utility

The Update Utility was not correctly removing EO (Enrollment Online) files when necessary. This has been resolved.

ESP-84822v1p1 OneRoster Users End Point

The v1p1 OneRoster Users end point was mixing Student and Teacher building information when they shared the identifier (student_id and staff_id). This has been resolved and the correct building information will be displayed for students and staff.

ESP-85607TAC Student Drawer

The email icon was incorrectly showing in the TAC Student Drawer. This has been resolved.

ESP-85877Building Security

We have reviewed eSchoolPlus security resource authorization and made changes where necessary to resolve a number of reported issues with building security checks throughout eSchoolPlus.

NoteAfter installing on your machine, you may not see the changes in effect until after the app pool recycles on each application server.

ESP-85698Enrollment Online

Resolved an issue where Enrollment Online would error when attempting to log in through SSO.

State Reporting

This release includes changes for the following states:

  • California
  • Connecticut
  • New York
  • Ohio
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • Texas

  • Virginia

  • Washington

Release notes are available on your state's eSchoolPlus online documentation site.

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