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eSchoolPlus Release

New Features

The eSchoolPlus Maintenance release includes the following new features.



Home Access Center (HAC) - Registration

This release introduces a grid for phone information on the HAC Registration page, so that it displays all phone numbers in priority order that are present in the database, not just the home phone number.

You can view, edit and update phone priority in this grid and the same feature is updated to the existing phone number grids.

OneRoster - Grades

This release allows you to associate multiple grades with the same CEDS code without receiving an error on the page or when the page is saved. 

The Grading Period and Category are now optional for the line items PUT command in OneRoster.

Removed the CEDS validation that was checking for duplicate CEDS codes being used.

Security Profile and Registration

This release introduces a ROW_IDENTITY column to the database tables related to program tracking to support Ed-Fi. Due to this change, do not run this update after you do a rollover backup until you are sure you will not need to perform a restore.

You can create a database update script and run the script runner on the database that does not already have a ROW_IDENTITY column in the designated tables and verify that the ROW_IDENTITY column gets added.

Resolved Issues

The following issues were resolved in this release.

Reference Number



ESP-80011District Definition

Updated to check appropriate security when district-defined fields are associated with the District Definition page.

ESP-76997Enrollment Integration

When adding a student through Enrollment, the API was skipping state IDs when set up with the following scenario:

  • auto-assign state IDs were enabled on the District Configuration page.
  • a program or district-defined field was linked to any field on the Personal page.

This has been resolved.

ESP-80656Incident Detail

Updated the error occurring when accessing Incident Detail with a Non-Student Offender with no action.

ESP-80400Legacy Menu

Removed the obsolete legacy code from the installation process.

ESP-74537Mass Update Days

Mass Update Days was using an incorrect security resource when updating the learning location data. Updated the processing to use the correct resource (REG - SETUP - CALENDAR).

ESP-80458Report Card Alerts

The Report Card Alerts were printing hash-tagged default values (for example, #commentLegend#) when the student’s comment area was blank. This has been resolved.

ESP-78635Student Goals

If an SSP Goal Objective District Defined field has a type of dropdown and is also defined as a required field, the Student Goals page in TAC will no longer default an option into the dropdown unless a default is defined.

ESP-72068TAC - Photo Attendance

Photo Attendance in Teacher Access Center (TAC) was not disabling input fields in read-only mode. It was not saving correctly but allowed users to type information. This has been resolved.

ESP-80301TAC - Report Cards

Users could not view the printed report card in TAC as a dialog window, but the report card had to be opened from the Reports directory. This has been resolved.

ESP-76183TAC - Report Cards

On the Report Cards page, if you toggled to show RC Free Text Entry comments and then clicked on the first student to open the Student Drawer, the rest of the class disappeared, and the Student Drawer would not open again. This has been resolved.

State Reporting

This release includes changes for the following states:

  • California
  • Florida
  • Illinois
  • New Jersey
  • Ohio
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • Texas
  • Virginia
  • Washington

This release also includes Federal changes for the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) Federal Civil Rights Data Collection.

Release notes are available on your state's eSchoolPlus online documentation site.

Database Changes

The following changes are included for the Security Profile and Registration pages feature in this release.

Base Database Table Changes

Table Name



Added the ROW_IDENTITY column to add a unique, non-clustered index when adding a user on the Security Profile page.


Added the ROW_IDENTITY column to add a unique, non-clustered index when adding the default building list for the user on the Security Profile page.


Added the ROW_IDENTITY column to add a unique, non-clustered index when adding a role to the user on the Security Profile page.

SEC_USER_ROLE_BLDG_OVRAdded the ROW_IDENTITY column to add a unique, non-clustered index when adding the default building override for the added role to the user on the Security Profile page.


Added the ROW_IDENTITY column to add a unique, non-clustered index when adding the summer school information for a student on the Registration page.
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