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eSchoolPlus Release

Resolved Issues

Reference Number




Behavior Rollover

The Behavior Rollover was causing an error when the user selected to purge student information. This has been resolved.

ESP-31133Building Discrepancy ReportThe Building Discrepancy Report only used the last Building parameters when there were multiple Building parameters for the report.  This issue has been resolved.
ESP-36555Course Equivalency Summer School courses with state equivalency values were not showing on the student's state course equivalency page.  This has been resolved.
ESP-25463Enrollment Online AdminThe save button under the Upload Files panel was not responsive and did not save changes made to fields in that panel.  This has been resolved.
ESP-14600EO FormsBlank spaces were being included in the EO Forms if they were entered in the form and this would cause issues with the GeoCode address searches.  This has been resolved.
ESP-32399Free Time Detail ReportThe Free Time Detail Report was not filtering records correctly if the filter included Entry/Withdrawal.  This has been resolved.
ESP-33892LockersWhen using the  Lockers search, if you try adding the Locker ID from the Locker Combination table to the search results, you receive an error.  This is because the field is already included in the search results.  The option to add the Locker ID field from the Locker Combination area has been removed.
ESP-36525MR Building ConfigurationWhen the security resource MR-SETUP-CONFIG was read only, the field 'Number of Free Text Characters (Max

8000)' on the MR Building Configuration page did not display the value in the field.  This has been resolved.
ESP-37903P360 APIThe Change_UID will now be set to P360Api-IEPStatus when updating the Personal page through the P360 API.  It had previously been hardcoded to IEPPlus, but IEPPlus software is not the only software to update the page, so anytime the StudentIEPStatus endpoint is sent, it will now show P360Api-IEPStatus.
ESP-33456Plan AreaThe Grades column was including html formatting for line breaks in the results of the Plan Area Search window.  This has been resolved.
ESP-36333PowerSchool Enrollment IntegrationIf a contact had a plan area defined and that contact attempted to change their Address via an Enrollment form, they may have received a validation error stating that the new street number was not in the range for the plan area. The integration was incorrectly using the existing (old) plan area number when validating the new address, so it would result in an invalid validation error.  This has been resolved. 


PowerSchool Enrollment Integration      

A reference id error was occurring delivering data from Enrollment. The error occurred when the login_id was not trimmed of spaces at the end of it. This issue has been resolved.

ESP-36709Programs RolloverOn the Programs Rollover page, the Restore tab was the default if a rollover was run for the current year.  When this was the case, the Restore grid was not populated.  All of the other rollover pages default to the Rollover tab.  The Programs Rollover page will now do the same.


Registration Rollover

The Registration Rollover was causing an error when 'Purge lunch counts on or before date' was checked. This has been resolved.

ESP-37258Report Card SummaryWhen saving a change on the Report Card Summary page, the raw mark value in the database was being cleared and set to null.  This has been resolved.
ESP-28499SearchThe search results page showed a stray semicolon on the page if the result set returned less than one page of students.  This has been resolved.
ESP-33684Student Success Plan ReportNot all comments were printing on the Success Plan report when they were too long.  This has been resolved.
ESP-35776TAC email attachmentsTAC email attachments were being limited to the web config limit, even when a larger number was entered in the TAC Configuration.  The new web config limit will now be set to 50 MB (it was currently 8 MB).  When the TAC Configuration is set to a smaller file size, the smaller file size will still be the size limit used.  Please note that the size limit for email attachments is also limited to the limits configured on the sending and receiving SMTP servers, so if your email provider has a limit less than what was loaded, it may fail to send.
ESP-31041TAC Standards Based Gradebook DetailIf the Standards Based Gradebook Detail page contained carriage returns in the description of the competency assessment, then the student info did not display.  This has been resolved.
ESP-10075Teacher Access CenterThe Parent Goals drop-down arrow for Objectives was appearing on the next row down when using Chrome, zoomed at other than 100%.  This issue has been resolved.

State Reporting

This release includes changes for the following states:

  • California
  • Florida
  • Illinois
  • Louisiana
  • Massachusetts
  • Maryland
  • Missouri
  • Ohio
  • Texas
  • Virginia
  • Washington

This release also includes Federal changes.

You can access all State Reporting Release Notes from PowerSource.

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