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eSchoolPlus Release

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Resolved Issues

The following issues were resolved in this release.

Reference Number



ESP-65986OneRoster - Enrollment endpoint

Added performance improvements to the OneRoster Enrollment endpoint.

ESP-67139Plus360 API

Added a performance enhancement for the Plus360 API.

ESP-66769Plus360 API - eSchoolPlus ProgramStatus endpoint

The ProgramStatus API endpoint was allowing invalid data into the Withdrawal Reason field. This has been resolved.

ESP-66033Plus360 API - StudentProgramStatus endpoint

When a program was exited/closed, the underlying program tracked field was not being update. This has been resolved.

ESP-63804Validation Tables

When setting the State Code Equivalent field value to 'FALSE’, the value was getting changed to N when saving. This has been resolved.

State Reporting

This release includes changes for the following states:

  • Illinois
  • Ohio

  • Pennsylvania
  • Texas

Release notes are available in your state's eSchoolPlus online documentation site.

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