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eSchoolPlus Release

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New Feature

The following feature has been added in this release:

Product AreaFeature TitleFeature Description
AttendanceAttendance Totals for Learning Locations

The following reports can now be run by Learning Location Type. The membership values are prorated for the portion of the day spent in the selected Learning Location Type.

  • ADA/ADM Statistics Report
  • Full Student Register Report
  • Register Summary Report
  • Student Details Register Report
  • Student Totals Register Report

Resolved Issues

The following issues were resolved in this release.

Reference Number



ESP-60693Day Totals Calculation

The last 4 columns of Day Totals were not calculating correctly when attendance views had an MBS building linked and students were taking multiple courses in the linked building. This has been resolved.

ESP-60727OneRoster 1.1 - Nested Endpoints

Nested endpoints were not working correct with the /ims/oneroster urls.

Valid URL format examples to get students in a class include:

  • <base url>/ims/<site code>/OneRoster/ims/OneRoster/v1p1/schools/129-6/classes/129-409559-1/students
  • <base url>/v1p1/<site code>/OneRoster/schools/129-6/classes/129-409559-1/students

State Reporting

This release includes changes for the following states:

  • Illinois
  • Michigan
  • New York
  • Ohio

  • Oregon
  • Texas

Release notes are available in your state's eSchoolPlus online documentation site.

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