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Enroll New Student Window

If your district allows you to add enrollment forms for new students from Home Access, there will be an Enroll New Student button in the banner next to your current student’s name.

  1. To enroll another student in the school district, click Enroll New Student.
  2. On the Enroll New Student window, click Start for the appropriate form.
  3. After the form opens, complete the basic student fields as needed, and then click Add Student.
  4. Follow the directions provided within Enrollment to complete the form and submit it.

You can also use the Enroll New Student window to access forms that are in progress or submitted for the new student.

Note that the first time that you access a Unified Administration Enrollment form from Home Access you can either sign in with an existing Enrollment account or can agree to COPPA and have an Enrollment account created and linked automatically for you. The next time you access an enrollment form, you will not be required to sign in to Enrollment.

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