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Effect of Multiple Bell Schedules on Registration and Attendance

If your building uses multiple bell schedules, Registration and Attendance processes will change as indicated in the following sections.

Registration Processing

  • The House/Team field on the Registration page's Building (current year), Summer School, or Next Year panel (Registration > Entry & Reports > Student Demographic > Registration) limits its selections to house/teams defined in the building's Scheduling Building Configuration.
  • Once a student is scheduled, you can change the house/team assignment if needed. However, the new house/team must share the same Bell Schedule. If not, you will be prompted to drop the student's existing schedule or cancel the new house/team selection.
  • The Homeroom Assignment by Period option (Registration > Utilities > Tools > Homeroom Assignment by Period) does not prompt for Bell Schedule. However, depending on the Scheduling Periods attached to each Bell Schedule, you might want to use a Filter that uses Demographic as the Area and House/Team as the Field Name.
  • Registration Assignment (Registration > Utilities > Tools > Registration Assignment) will enable access to the Bell Schedule field when you choose to update the House/Team, Summer School House/Team or Next Year House/Team fields. After entering a Bell Schedule, you can only select a house/team associated with the selected Bell Schedule in the Values field.

Attendance Processing

  • All dismiss times and arrive times are validated against the timetable associated with the student's house/team. This validation occurs in Teacher Access Center, as well as all methods of attendance entry in eSchoolPlus.
  • Valid Attendance Periods for a day are validated against the timetable associated with the student's house/team. This occurs in all methods of entry as well as the Error Scan and the Day Totals and Notifications calculations.
  • The minutes calculated as part of the Day Totals calculation will be based on the student's timetable.
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