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District Checklist Page

Use this page to navigate through the options to set up the eSchoolPlus system for a district. It is a helpful tool that displays links for building-related setup options in one place in the order that they need to be defined. Additionally, when you click a link for a setup, the applicable page displays the

 (Next) icon. Click it to save the setup and navigate to the next one in the checklist.

The page also includes a Complete indicator to show you which setup options have been defined for the district. A checkmark displays in the Completed column if at least one record has been saved for the related setup.

When you click a link to navigate to a setup, the selected page includes two additional icons.


Click this icon to move to the next page in the checklist. If you selected the When clicking "Next" icon, skip steps marked complete checkbox, then the system navigates to the next setup that is not defined.


Click this icon to return to the District Checklist page.

You can also use the menu to access the setup options listed on this checklist. On the menu, these options will be found in the Administration menu organized by package.

Configure a district

  1. Select Administration > General Setup > Checklists > District Checklist.
  2. In the View Options panel, select the district and the packages to configure.
    If you want to skip steps that are finished, select the checkbox labeled When clicking "Next" icon, skip steps marked complete. The completed steps are indicated by a checkmark.
  3. Click Load to display the checklist.
  4. Click a link to navigate to the related page.
  5. Define the setup.
  6. Click
     (Next) to save the setup and navigate to the next setup.


View Options Panel




The district you are setting up.

When clicking "Next" icon, skip steps marked as complete

Checked if clicking the

(Next) icon on setup should skip to the next setup that needs to be completed. Otherwise, clicking
(Next) will navigate to the next setup on the checklist even if it is already defined.

District uses the following

Select the packages that the district uses. The checklist will display the district-related setups for the selected packages.

Select codes from the field's drop-down list, or click

(asterisk) to select all codes, then remove any that do not apply.

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