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Discipline Page

On this page:

The Discipline page lists discipline incidents involving your student as an offender, victim, or witness. Incidents are listed from newest to oldest. The Discipline page's Incident and Role columns display links you can click for additional details on an incident.

To display the Discipline page, click

Student Support on the HAC menu.

Display discipline incidents

  • In the View Discipline by Year field:
    To display all incidents from all years, select All Years
    To limit the display of incidents to the current year, select Current Year Only.

View discipline incidents

  • To view additional information on an incident, click its Incident link to display the Discipline Incident Detail window.

View discipline incident role details

  • To view additional information on your student's role as an offender, victim, or witness, click the incident's Incident Role link to display the appropriate detail window.

Subscribe to discipline email alerts

  • To subscribe to email alerts on discipline, check the "Alert me..." box above the list.
  • To select the types of discipline incidents you would like to receive alerts for, click the "Limit Alerts..." link. In the Discipline Alerts window, check the boxes for the incidents of interest, then click Save. If you do not select any box, you will receive alerts for all incidents involving your student.
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