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Demographic Page

The Demographic page includes the following sections listing information on your student:

  • Demographic - Basic data, such as the student's name, student ID, student SSID, date of birth, gender, calendar, counselor, building, grade, language, homeroom, homeroom teacher, locker number, and locker combination.
  • Emergency - Information for use in medical emergencies, such as physician's name and phone number, preferred hospital, and health insurance data.
  • Personal - Sensitive information, including Social Security number, ethnicity, meal status, and classification.
  • Transportation - Information on the student's transportation arrangements to and from school.
  • Contacts - Student and guardian information, including addresses and phone numbers.
  • FERPA - A list showing the student's settings regarding the release of information under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

The fields on this page appear as per the configuration defined in each district.

To display the Demographic page, click Registration on the HAC menu.

Update Emergency Information

To update the Emergency section, click Edit. Add to or change the information displayed in the Update Emergency Information window, and then click Save.

Update Contact Information

To update the Contacts section, click Edit. Add to or change the primary email, additional email addresses, and phone information displayed in the Update Contact Information window, and then click Save.

Update FERPA Settings

To update the FERPA section, click Edit. Check or uncheck the boxes in the Update FERPA Information window as needed, then click Save. When a FERPA field is selected, the student information indicated cannot be released.

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