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Contact List Page

This page lists the contacts for the student from your last search. Refer to the Contact page for procedures.


Student Information Bar
The bar, which displays on all student pages just below the Home icon and the Menu button, includes options to view the student's alerts, attachments, and notes and to email the student's teachers and guardians.

Contact List Panel




Name of the contact


The Guardian type. One of the following will display:

C - Emergency Contact - indicates a contact for emergencies. The contact information also displays on the Emergency page.
G - Guardian - indicates a legal guardian for the student. The contact information also displays on the Emergency page.
O - Other Contact - indicates an additional contact for the student.


The contact's priority. Each contact must have a unique Priority number. Priority values for contacts must be sequential starting with 1 and cannot have any gaps. Whenever you change the Priority for one contact, you must verify that all other contacts are assigned the correct Priority so that the sequence starting with 1 is maintained. If you delete a contact record, you must reorder the Priority values for the remaining contact records to preserve the correct sequence.


The relationship of this contact to the student.


Delete column. Enter a check to mark a row for deletion. Checked rows are deleted when you click Save.
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