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Calculate Learning Location Type for Attendance Days

As part of the release, the Day Totals calculation was modified to populate the student's location type in the attendance day total record. The student's attendance day total record will indicate whether the student was I - in person, S - virtual/synchronous, or A - virtual/asynchronous. 

The student's learning location type value for a day is calculated based on:

  • the student’s learning location program value for the day, and
  • the location type where the student's learning location code is assigned for the day in the student’s calendar.

Depending on your reporting requirements, learning location types may need to be populated for each day, including present days. If your district currently has Attendance Views set up so day totals are only created for days when the student was absent, you will need to modify the view setups to include a criterion to create records when the student is present. 

Attendance View Setup Changes to Calculate Learning Location Types for Present Days

To report a student's learning location type for each day, including days when they were present, the Attendance View must include a criterion defined to calculate a present (PRE) code when students are present. 

The present criterion should be the last line of criteria.

There are many variations for how attendance can be converted to day totals so the below rules are provided as examples of how the criterion could be defined. 

If attendance codes are not recorded for every day when students are present:

  • Absences Codes: Select all codes that represent absences
  • Periods: Select All or the appropriate periods for your attendance patterns
  • Periods Min/Minutes Min: 0
  • Periods Max/Minutes Max: 0
  • Convert Code: Select the present attendance code
  • Value: 1

If attendance codes are entered for every day when students are present:

  • Absences Codes: Select the present codes
  • Periods: Select All or the appropriate periods for your attendance patterns
  • Periods Min/Minutes Min: 1
  • Periods Max/Minutes Max: 
  • Convert Code: Select one of the present attendance codes
  • Value: 0

Define Attendance View Setups to Specify Different Rules by Learning Location Types

If the rules for attendance are different for students who are In School, Virtual/Synchronous, and Virtual/Asynchronous, you can create criteria rules that specify the Learning Location Type.

If you have also set up mixed days where students change learning location types during a day, there are additional considerations for how attendance is calculated for students who have mixed days.

Troubleshoot Issues for Learning Location Type 

The Day Totals Calculation logs errors to help you identify days where the student's learning location cannot be populated. Review the log file for these errors:

  • The student's learning location is not assigned to a location type for the day in the student's calendar.
  • The student is not assigned to a learning location on a day.
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