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Backup/Restore Scheduling Run Page

Use this page to back up and restore scheduling information generated by Build Master Schedule while attempting to improve the percentage of students who are fully scheduled. Backing up a scheduling run preserves the current Course Catalog, Master Schedule, student request, student schedule, mark reporting, room, and teacher information. The backup also saves meeting codes and course setup information. You can restore the original scheduling run if you are not satisfied with a subsequent run.

For example, if you want to modify Master Schedule information to change course-sections to see if more students will be fully scheduled, you can save the current scheduling information and then make changes. If the changes decrease the percentage of students scheduled, you can restore the data from your last scheduling run.


Do not run this option in the current year. The Back Up/Restore option is intended to be used when you are scheduling for the next year. If you restore a backup in the current school year environment, data will be lost for any Scheduling and Mark Reporting changes made between the time you saved the scheduling run and the time you restored it.

Run Backup Or Restore Scheduling Run

  1. Make sure you are in the next year environment. If you attempt to run this option in the current year, the system displays a warning message.
  2. Select Scheduling > Courses > Master Schedule Builder > Backup/Restore.
  3. Specify the processing options.
  4. Click Run.


Prompts Panel




Building for which you want to back up or restore scheduling information.


Indicate whether you are backing up or restoring information.


Back Up Existing Data - to back up the current scheduling information.
Restore Saved Data - to restore the scheduling information stored with the selected Scheduling Run Label.

Scheduling Run Label

Label for the scheduling run. Character/255

  • When you back up a run, you can enter text to identify the run. The label must be unique for the building and school year.
  • When you restore a run, select the label for the backup run that you want to restore.
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