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Attendance Error Scan Page

Use this page to specify criteria for running the Error Scan. The scan verifies attendance against setup and student data, such as Entry/Withdrawal and Scheduling information.

The Error Scan can be set up to:

  • Detect attendance data for a non-attendance day or non-calendar day.
  • Detect a student with attendance information in a building for a date when the student is not enrolled in that building.
  • List invalid absences in the attendance files, If you have the proper security, you can update or delete invalid attendance as needed.

Absences are considered invalid for the following reasons, among others:

  • A student is not enrolled in a building for the date of absence.
  • The course the student was in for the period is defined not to take attendance.
  • The date of absence is not in the calendar of the building where the student is enrolled.
  • The student does not have a course scheduled for the period/day of absence.

For a complete listing of possible errors and reasons, refer to Attendance Error Scan Messages.

The Error Scan must be run before:

  • Calculating attendance letters.
  • Transferring absences to Report Cards or Interim Progress Reports.
  • Running the Day Totals or Interval Totals Calculations.
  • Running all cumulative reports.
  • Running state reports.

Additionally, you may use the Error Scan before running daily reports, although this is not required.

Run Error Scan

  1. Select Attendance > All > Utilities > Attendance Error Scan.
  2. Specify the calculation options.
  3. Click Run.


Prompts Panel




Select the building.

Start Date


Date - to use a set date as your start date. Enter the first date to check for errors, or leave blank to include all errors from the beginning of the year.
Prior Days - to run the error scan for a set number of days prior to the end date entered in the Date to calculate notification to field. Enter the number of days preceding the end date. For example, if the end date is Friday and you want the error scan to cover a full week Monday through Friday, enter 4. This option is useful if you schedule the calculation to run periodically.

End Date


Today - to use today as the last date to check. This option is useful if you schedule the report to run periodically.
Date - to use a set date as the end date of your report. Enter the last date to check for errors.

Scan Options

Select the appropriate boxes:

Check to scan student data.

Checked if you want the system to scan student attendance information and log invalid absences.

    • If attendance is taken by timeslot or period, the error scan checks if the student is scheduled for the timeslot/period and if the timeslot/period meets on a calendar day.
    • If you want to run the Error Scan on both setup data and student data, make sure you scan setup data first and resolve any setup errors before you scan student data.

Check to delete student data error records.

Checked if you want the system to log attendance errors and delete the invalid attendance information. Special security is required to delete errors.
Unchecked if the system should log errors without deleting attendance information.

You may want to run the Error Scan twice: first with this box unchecked so that you can correct the listed errors as needed, and then with this box checked to delete invalid absences.

You can only access this field if the previous box is selected.

Check to scan setup data.

Checked if the system should scan attendance setup information as follows:

    • State and district groups are checked to make sure they are defined and that attendance criteria use only valid attendance codes.
    • Attendance periods are checked to make sure they meet in valid times and that intervals meet within the defined marking periods/weeks for the school year.

For a list of errors that the error scan checks for, refer to Attendance Error Scan Messages in eSchoolPlus online help.

If you want to run the Error Scan on both setup data and student data, make sure you scan setup data first and resolve any setup errors before scanning student data.

Check to recalculate absence minutes.

Checked if you want the system to recalculate absence minutes based on the minutes assigned to each attendance period and the arrival and dismissal times entered for students.

The system recalculates the value in the minutes_absent field in the att_bottom_line and att_audit_trail tables based on the current times as defined in either Attendance Period or Timetable setup, depending on the building's Attendance configuration.

Log Statistics

Checked if you want to print the prompts in a log file. Otherwise, a log file will be created only if an error occurs.

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