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Assign Category Type to Master Schedule Page

Use this page to assign a category type to multiple course-sections in the Master Schedule. From this page, you can define a filter to find the course-sections to update. If needed, you can delete a course-section from the search results if you do not want to assign the category type to it. Then you can run the assignment.

When you assign a category type to a course-section, the Gradebook Setup category and mark override settings for the category type are populated for the course-section. The teacher may be able to change the drop lowest and exclude missing rules in Gradebook if the MR Building Configuration does not limit the user from changing all pre-defined category information. For more information on how assigning a category type to a course affects the teacher's Gradebook Setup page, refer to Gradebook Category Types Overview.


Gradebook data is only populated if you assign the category type using the Assign Category to Master Schedule option or the Master Schedule (Scheduling > Courses > Course Sections > Master Schedule) to update the Category Type field. Do not use other options to update a course's category type.

Note that you cannot change the category type assigned to a course-section once the teacher has created an assignment. You can use the Master Schedule to remove a category type from a course if you need to allow the teacher to edit Gradebook Setup and the teacher has not yet created assignments for the course.

Assign category type to course-sections

  1. Select Administration > Mark Reporting Setup > Gradebook Setup > Building Gradebook Category Type.
  2. Define a new category type or select an existing category type from the search results.
  3. On the Building Gradebook Category Type page, click
     (Additional options), and then select Assign Category to Master Schedule.
  4. On the Assign Category Type to Master Schedule page, define the filter to select the course-sections.
  5. Click Load.
  6. Review the list of courses displayed in the Filter Results panel.
  7. If you do not want to assign the category type to a course-section, enter a check in the
     (Delete) box. Note that the Delete box is checked and disabled for course-sections where assignments have been entered.
  8. Click
     (Delete) in the Filter Results panel to remove the course-sections where the Delete box is checked.
  9. Click Run to update the Master Schedule for the course-sections and populate the Gradebook tables.
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