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Admin Mobile App For IT

Developed for iOS and Android, the eSchoolPLUS Admin Mobile app will serve as a tool for campus staff to inquire about students – where they should be, how they've been performing, and how to get in touch with their family.

It's a building-specific, student-centric app.

Building-specific means that one building at a time is selected and students are pre-cached to speed up performance and reduce storage impact. Student-centric means that although there is basic building information seen upon login, the app is really designed around getting you to student information quickly and easily.

View today's schedule, attendance, and birthdays.

When you launch the app, you're in the Dashboard. From here, you can see bell schedule info for the current day, a list of student absences, and a birthday list.

Quickly search for students.

When you look up a student by name, or by scanning their student ID, you can access their schedule, contact information, attendance, grades, discipline, emergency/medical, student notes, and basic registration information. Student photos can also be loaded to your device, which helps to identify a student both in the image gallery, which is part of the search system, or when you've pulled up a specific student. You can tap on phone numbers and email addresses to initiate conversations. You can take photos and associate them with student notes (note: photos are only stored on the local device in this version of the app).

Immediately take action on discipline issues.

You can begin the discipline process by entering a conduct referral from the app. You can take photos and associate them with the conduct referrals (note: photos are only stored on the local device in this version of the app).

Keep informed of eSchoolPLUS notifications while you are away from your desk.

If your district has eSchoolPLUS version 3.0 or above, you can also receive and manage your notifications. Additionally, if your district has eSchoolPLUS version 3.1 or above, you can receive push notifications for your eSchoolPLUS high priority notification subscriptions.

Access student information even when you are off site.

We've included an "offline" mode, which synchronizes basic student information to your local device, secures it, and makes it available when either you are detached from a network, or if the server is unavailable. This can be useful for site emergencies, or for field trips or other circumstances in which you may need student information, but you will be away from your normal connectivity.

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