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Address Labels Page

Use the Address Labels option to print address labels for students and guardians. You can print the labels using the standard Avery label styles listed in the Label Style field.

Print Address Labels

  1. Select Registration > Entry & Reports > Reports > Address Labels
  2. On the Prompts panel, indicate how labels should be printed.
  3. As needed, define a filter, enter sort criteria, or schedule the report to run as a task.
  4. If you want to print a test alignment sheet to verify label alignment before printing address labels, click
     (Additional options), then select Alignment Test. After you select this option, the home page displays. Navigate back to the Address Labels page as described in Step 1.
  5. Click Run to generate the address labels report.
  6. Click Tasks/Reports.
  7. If you printed an alignment sheet, click on the alignment test report to download the report. 
  8. After you have verified that the alignment is correct, double click on the label report to download the report.
  9. Print the report.


Prompts Panel




Select the buildings to print labels for:

All - to print labels for the entire district.
Selected - to print labels for selected buildings.

Label Style

Select the label style. The selected style is included in the output's file name.

Label Types

Select the label types you want to print:

Student - to print labels for students.
Guardian - to print labels for guardians.
Contact - to print labels for contacts.

First Line Text

Enter an optional first line of text to print on the labels. If you leave this field blank, the addressee's name will print on the first line.

The size of the selected label style determines the number of characters that can print on a line of the label. If you enter more characters than can fit on one line, the text will wrap.

Print Unique Labels

Checked if you want to print only one label per household for students with the same family census number.

When this option is selected, labels are printed for the first student in the family that is selected by your sort order. The label types you selected above determine the labels that are printed for that student.

  • If the Student label type is selected, then the label is printed for the first student.
  • If the Guardian label type is selected, then labels are printed for all guardians for the first student.
  • If the Contact label type is selected, then labels are printed for all contacts for the first student.
Output Type

Select to generate a CSV file or a Microsoft Word document:

CSV - to generate a data file that you can merge to create address labels. Note that the CSV file will include the same data regardless of the selected label style.
DOCX - to generate a Microsoft Word document formatted to print the selected label style.

Log Statistics

Checked if you want to print the prompts in a log file. Otherwise, a log file will be created only if an error occurs.

Sort Panel

Use the Sort panel to specify how records should be ordered in a report. You enter lines of sort criteria; the system compares your sort criteria against the corresponding fields in the records being searched and displays records in either ascending or descending order based on the sort fields.

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