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About Entry/Withdrawal

Entry/Withdrawal stores information about when the student attended your district.

  • The entry and withdrawal dates indicate when a student entered and left the district.
  • The building and calendar information determines the days that the student should have been in school.
  • The grade field is used to determine what grade a student was enrolled in for the specified time.
  • Based on program setup, program-tracked fields can be linked to Entry/Withdrawal records. As a result, a user is required to update Entry/Withdrawal when a program value needs to be changed.

This information is crucial to the accuracy of attendance and enrollment reports.

Using Entry/Withdrawal

Following are brief descriptions of Entry/Withdrawal tasks.

Enrolling a new student

When you use the Add Student page (Registration > Entry & Reports > Student > Add Student) to add a student to your district, an entry/withdrawal record is automatically created based on the data you enter. The record indicates the student's building, calendar, grade, and entry information.

Changing the student's grade

If the student changes grades mid-year, close the active record for the original grade and add a record for the new grade.

Withdrawing a student

When a student leaves your district, close the active record by indicating the reason and date of the student's withdrawal.

Follow your district guidelines for withdrawal dates. Your district uses either the last day of attendance or the first day of non-attendance.

Re-enrolling a student

When a student returns to your district, you can re-enter the student in the same School Year, Building, Track, Calendar, and Grade by creating a new Entry/Withdrawal record.

If any of the student's School Year, Building, Track, Calendar, and Grade information has changed, you can enter a new Entry/Withdrawal record and then change the Registration information for the student as needed.

Transferring a student to another building

When a student transfers to another building, the old building must withdraw the student before the new building can enroll the student. Follow your district's procedure for transferring students.

System Safeguards

To ensure accurate enrollment statistics and support data entry standards, your district can establish the following settings for maintaining Entry/Withdrawal records:

  • Entry/Withdrawal Cutoff Date – Your district may use a cutoff date to prevent enrollment and withdrawal of students up to and including a specified date. This feature protects enrollment figures in your state reports.
  • Entry/Withdrawal Membership Day Rule – Your district may require that all Entry and Withdrawal Dates occur on membership days. Membership days are dates when a student is scheduled to be in school, as defined by the student's calendar.
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