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Test Scores

There are no special requirements for entering Test Scores for PIMS State Reporting. The following section explains how to use the Import Scores from File utility to load students' test data into eSchoolPlus from an outside file.

Import Scores from File

Test Scores > All > Utilities > Import Scores from File

This menu option allows the user to load test data from a file into eSchoolPlus.

Interface IDSelect the import definition you wish to run.
Test – Level – FormDisplays the test, level, and form. This will fill automatically depending on the Interface ID you select.
Test DateEnter the date the test was taken. If the import definition has a test date defined, this field is inaccessible.
Run Mode

Select the mode you wish to run:

  • Verify upload data: This mode will produce a log file showing the changes that will be made to the database. You can review the changes to be made and make any corrections.
  •  Run Test Score Import: This mode will run the upload and will insert records or update existing records.
Insert New RecordsChecked if you want to create new records.
Update Existing RecordsChecked if you want to update existing records.
Only Update Blank FieldsChecked if you want the upload to only update fields that are blank.
Import DirectoryPath where the file will be stored.
File NameFilename of the source data. The default name comes from the Import Definition, but you can change it.

To Run the Test Score Import

  1. Select Test Scores > All > Utilities > Import Scores from File, and then select the appropriate Interface ID.
  2. At the Run Mode prompt, choose the option Verify Upload Data to verify the import interface is defined correctly for the data file.
  3. Choose a Test Date, and select whether you want the import to Insert New Records and Update Existing Records.
  4. ClickRun.
  5. From the Navigation bar's Tasks/Reports menu, select the Test Score Import Log and review the SQL to verify data will be correctly updated or inserted.
  6. If the data is not correct, review the data file and import definition and make the necessary changes to the definition. Repeat Steps 1-3 until the SQL is correct.
  7. Once the data is correct, set the Run Mode to Run Test Score Import.
  8. Set values for the remaining prompts, and then click Run.
  9. From the Navigation bar's Tasks/Reports menu, select the Test Score Import Log and review for errors.
  10. Check test records that were loaded to verify the records are correct. Select Test Scores > All > Office > Test History by Test to open the Test History by Test Search page and click the link for the test you loaded.
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