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Student Course Enrollment

Field #Field NameRequired?eSchoolPLUS table.columnValidation TableWhere in eSchoolPlus?
1Submitting AUNRreg_district.state_equiv_codereg_districtAdministration > General Setup > District > District > Preferences panel > Other panel: State Code Equivalent
2School NumberRreg_building.state_equiv_codereg_building

Administration > Registration Setup > Building > Building Definition > Preferences panel: State Equivalency Code

Note: The reg_building.state_code_equiv value is coming from the SCHD_COURSE.BUILDING value of the course the student is enrolled in.

3School Year DateR

4Enrollment Period NumberR

5Effective DateRschd_stu_crs_dates.date_added OR schd_stu_crs_dates.date_dropped
Scheduling > Student Schedules > Schedule Entry > Schedule List panel: Add Date/Drop Date or Marking Period Start and End Dates (whichever dates are narrowest)
6Enrollment CodeR

Registration > Entry & Reports > Student Demographic > Personal > General panel: State Reporting ID
10Request SequenceR

13Supplementary Course Differentiator (Formely ‘Semester’)Rschd_course_user or schd_ms_user 300 field 3patb_semester (Semester)Scheduling > Courses > Building Courses > PIMS Course: Semester
14Course Code LongRSchd_course.course
Scheduling > Courses > Building Courses > Building Course Catalog > Course panel: Course
15Course Delivery Model CodeOschd_course_user or schd_ms_user 300 field 10patb_crs_delivery (Course Delivery)Scheduling > Courses > Building Courses > PIMS Course: Course Delivery
20Section Code LongRschd_ms.course_section
Scheduling > Courses > Course Sections > Course panel: Section
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