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Mass Load Health Screening Results

The options in the Medical > All > Office menu allow you to load exam results for a group of students at once, following a separate procedure for Growth, Hearing, Scoliosis, and Vision.

Mass Load Growth Exam Results

  1. Select Medical > All > Office > Growth.
  2. On the Prompts panel, select the building and test date. If you want to load default values for students, you can select a Default Location and additional values.
  3. Enter the appropriate criteria in the Filter panel. Then, click Load. For example, to display a list of students for homeroom 100, select Area: Demographic, Field Name: Primary Homeroom, Condition: = (Equals), and Value: 100.
  4. Review the list of students, and change exam information as needed.
    • To change a student's exam location, height, or weight, click the appropriate field and make the new entry. eSchoolPlus uses height and weight entries to determine the student's BMI (Body Mass Index). The SHARRS report categorizes students based on BMI percentile.
    • If a listed student was not examined or the student's exam record should be deleted, select the corresponding Delete checkbox.
    • To display the fields for Exam Details, Notes, and referral entry, click Expand next to the appropriate Student ID.
  5. To enter a referral, select a Referral Code and Referral Date on the Referrals panel. For information on recording completion of a referral, see the procedure for Updating a Student Physical Exam Record.
  6. Click Save.
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