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Mark Reporting Setup

In order to report the courses to the State correctly, you must set up Course Equivalencies. See the Course Catalog section of this documentation on how to ensure that your Courses are set up properly for this reporting.

Course Equivalency Setup

Administration > Mark Reporting Setup > Calculation Setup > Course Equivalency Setup

For each building you must create a Course Equivalency Setup record. You should have the following values in these fields. All other fields should be blank.




When you go to the Course Equivalency Setup page, click on the appropriate building to create the record.

Local Course Combinations

Check box for One Part.

Course Retake Rule

Select R – Use Most Recent Mark in State Course. This field will not be used in Pennsylvania but must have a value.

RC Data Warehouse Information

Select R – Include Regular Courses Only.

TRN Data Warehouse Information

Select R – Include Regular Courses Only.

Assign Course Credit Calculation

Select R – Use Regular Courses Only.

Course Equivalency Definitions

Administration > Mark Reporting Setup > Calculation Setup > Course Equivalency Definitions

Use this option to associate one State Course Code with several courses in a building. Optionally, you may update the State Course for courses individually on the Course Catalog page. Select the Building, select the State Code and then in the Courses panel, select/enter the courses that should be associated with this particular State Code.

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