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January 2023 Minor Maintenance Release

These changes have been released in the following software version:

  • ESP_22.12.1.0



Release Note

ESP-81510PIMS Download

Updated the processing to report either a Y or N for LEP Status in the Special Ed Student Snapshot (SES) download for all students, based on the English Learners (EL) program field value. Students without a Date Exited value were previously being downloaded incorrectly with a blank LEP Status.

ESP-81562PIMS Download

Updated the Educational Environment Percentage field to allow blanks in the Special Ed Snapshot (SES) download. If a value is set in the Special Ed IEP Data (SEIEP) program for this field, it will be reported; otherwise, a blank will be reported.

ESP-81559PIMS Download

Added the Primary Placement Type field to the following:

  • Special Ed IEP Data (SEIEP) Program
  • Student Download Search - SES
  • Student Download Summary - SES
  • Student Special Ed Snapshot Download
  • Student Special Ed Snapshot Extract

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