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Entry Withdrawal

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Entry Code with State Code Equivs of E2, E3, R2, R3, R4, R5, R6, R7 and R8 will be used to determine the correct District Entry Date and School Entry Date values for the PIMS Student/Student Snapshot template. If no record is found for the listed codes, the date of the first entry record for the student will be used.

If a student enters your district and follows a path where he/she changes buildings in the standard progression of Elementary to Middle to High School, then School Entry Date will be the same as District Entry Date. In other words, School Entry Date should not update when a student completes a school's highest grade level and then moves to another school within the same LEA.

School Entry Date will be different from District Entry Date only if a student makes a non-routine school change within your district, such as changing elementary schools. School and District Entry Dates would also update if a student moves out of district, then returns.

This information applies for both the Student and Student Snapshot files.

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