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Entering Location Fact Discipline Incidents

Your District must report non-Safe School incidents in the PIMS Location Fact template. Incidents that violate your Academic Code and Code of Conduct that result in Out of School Suspension or Expulsion will be reported, in addition to Truancy incidents.

Entering Truancy Incidents

Your District may run an Attendance Notification to create Truancy Discipline Incidents, but if you do not use this solution, or if you need to add additional Truancy Incidents, you may enter them manually. Alternatively, you may enter one incident for Truancy with all of the Truant students on the incident as Offenders.

Incidents with an Incident Type with a State Code Equiv of TRUANT will be counted for the Truancy totals.

According to the PIMS manual, "habitually truant is defined by the School Code as an unlawful absence for more than three (3) school days or their equivalent following the first notice of truancy given to the student. The first notice of truancy should be provided to the student after three (3) school days or their equivalent of unlawful absences from compulsory education within a specified time period. Each LEA should have specific policies regarding truancy.

This truancy definition distinguishes between all absences and unlawful absences because the latter are more likely to indicate school and student problems. An unlawful absence is an absence for part of a school day (i.e., at least one class period) or a full day for which a parent or guardian has not indicated in writing that the student is away from school for valid reasons (e.g., illness, medical/dental appointment, funeral of an immediate relative). Suspensions and expulsions are not to be considered as unlawful absences."

Entering Academic or Code of Conduct Incidents Resulting in Suspension or Expulsion

Incidents with an Incident/Offense Code with a State Code Equiv of A or C that result in Out of School Suspension (State Code Equiv of S4) or Expulsion (Action Codes with State Code Equivs of S5 and S6) will be counted for the Suspension and Expulsion totals in the Location Fact template.

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