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English Learner (EL) Student Notes

For EL students to be reported properly to PIMS, follow these guidelines.

How does a student get an 031 Programs template record for PIMS?‎

The 031 Program record will only be built if the student's EL program value state code equiv = 01 and the program dates fall within the PIMS Download Run Range dates.

  1. In Program Setup (Administration > Registration Setup > Setup > Program Setup), the LEP Participation field must have State Code Equivalent ‎= ‎LEP‎.‎
  2. In the LEP Participant validation table, the EL codes must have valid State Code Equivs.
  3. The student must be enrolled in the EL Program with a value that has State Code Equiv = 01 during the date range of the PIMS Download. Only value 01 triggers a Programs record, because 01 means Current ELL. State Equiv Codes 03, 04, 05, 99 won't trigger program records.

NOTE: If a student is only enrolled in supplemental programs, the LEP indicator will not default to '01' and a warning message will be issued in the download logs.

How Does a student Get a Student template field 41 value (EL Status)?

An enrolled student would initially have an EL program value of ‎01‎‎. ‎When the student exits the program, the vector would be closed (have an end date)‎. The program value 01 will be reported for the school year even if the vector is closed. From that point forward, the PIMS Download processing would calculate the correct values of ‎03‎, ‎04‎, or ‎05‎ as needed for all future years for the download.‎ ‎

If the additional values are needed in the EL Program for some non-State Reporting reason, that is acceptable. ‎The processing in the software will not run the calculation for the EL Status field if a value other than ‎99 exists for the end date or if it is within the date range used when running the PIMS Download.

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