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September 2021 Major Maintenance Release

These changes have been released in the following software version:

  • ESP_21.4.11.0



Release Note

ESP-66018Validation Tables (Report Period)

Updated the End Date as 10/4/2021 for the First Period Cumulative ADM reporting period in the Report Period validation table.

ESP-55154OR Student Download, OR Student Submission Files and Validation Tables (Course Catalog NCES Code)

Implemented the following OR 2021-2022 DOE Changes:

  • For SSID Collection: if the Language of Origin Code is 3050 - Moldavian, students with this language should be reported as 3800 - Romanian.
  • For IUID Collection: in the Course Catalog NCES Code validation table, added codes (10021, 21026, 24269, 24270, 24271, 24272, 24273, 24274, 24275, 24276, 24277, 24278, and 24279) and removed codes (24567, 24617, 24717, 24817, 24912, 24913, and 24917).
  • For Special Education Collection (SECC): Updated business rule 2504 - Students must be between ages 3 and 9 as of the data end date or the exit date if provided, whichever is earlier, when using disability code 98.

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