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OR NCLB Title III Collection

For Title III, the OR Student Download selections should be Title III for the Reporting Period field and the submission Files panel should have the SSID Data Section, Talented and Gifted Section, and Title III checkboxes selected.

Students meeting the following criteria are included in the collection:

  • The student has not attended a school in any state for more than three full academic years. This is calculated using the US Enrollment Date (Registration > Entry & Reports > Student Demographic > Registration > Other Enrollment panel).
  • The student was not born in the United States.

If you need to include a student who does not meet these criteria, update the student's Recent Arriver box to the checked setting on the OR Recent Arriver student page (Registration > Entry & Reports > Student District Defined > OR Recent Arriver). The OR Recent Arriver page also includes the Interrupted Formal Education field. Check this box to indicate the student has an interrupted formal education. Select the Foreign Exchange box if this is a foreign exchange student.

  • If the download reports a student without a record on the OR Recent Arriver page, it defaults a SIFE value of N – No.
  • The download will include the student in this collection if he or she meets the two criteria above OR the student's Recent Arriver box is checked. A student with the Recent Arriver box un-checked still gets reported as long as he/she meets the other criteria.
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