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OR Download Summary

Regulatory > Summary > Summary > OR Download Summary


View a student's download table records

  1. Select Regulatory > Summary > Summary > OR Download Summary
  2. Search for the students for whom you want to review download records. Click on a student link to display data.
  3. Choose the download record you want to display from the Record Type drop-down menu.
  4. On the Student Summary page, select the submission you want to view from View Type field. To view all download data for the student, select View History. Note that the list of possible submissions includes submissions for which this student may not have data.
  5. In your listed search results, click the Detail column's Open in New Window to view the selected record in a pop up window. This option is available for each record for the student.
  6. To display other students from your search, click the left (Next) and right (Previous) arrows next to the student's name in the Student Information bar. After you have clicked the right arrow (Next), the left arrow (Previous) button will be enabled so you can navigate forward and backward through the list of students.

 Edit download table data using Student Summary

  1. Display the student, submission, and download record you want to edit. Refer to the To View student download records procedure for more information.
  2. Click the Select Edit Mode button.
  3. Change data as needed. Make sure that the data you enter is valid as defined by the state. This page does not validate data.
  4. Click Save.

 Add a record directly into a download table

  1. You must be in View Mode to add a new record. This is the default view. If you are in Edit Mode, click the Select View Mode button. Add the new record for the student. Note that new records are added in View Mode and existing records are edited and deleted using Edit Mode.
  2. Enter a check in the Override box if the OR Download should not rebuild the record. No fields in this record will be updated by the OR Download option.
  3. Click Save.

 Delete a record from a download table

  1. Click the Select Edit Mode button.
  2. Enter a check in the Delete box for the row.
  3. Click Save. If you added or changed a record, the Record Edited box is set to checked by the system.
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