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January 2023 Major Maintenance Release

These changes have been released in the following software version:

  • ESP_23.1.0.0



Release Note

ESP-81776OR Medical Card

If a student is enrolled twice in the same school year on Entry/Withdrawal or programs, updated processing to count the student only once for the “How many students in grades K-12 were excluded on Exclusion Day?” record in the Immunization F, G, and H report.

ESP-81580OR Student Submission Files

Resolved the duplicate data issue in the ADM extract for students who changed grade levels.

ESP-81380OR Student Download and OR Student Submission Files

Updated the OR Freshman Extract to:

  • Add the Additional Language Code column.
  • Remove the American Indian Tribal Enrolment Number from the Student extract.
  • Rearrange the Extract header texts.
ESP-80909OR Student Download (Fall LEP)

Updated processing for 3H records to be generated in the download and extract successfully.

ESP-80847OR OPTE, OR Student Download, Validation Tables

Updated the 2022-2023 OR CTE Course and Student Collection as per ODE changes:

  • Added four new fields to the OR OPTE District Defined page- Work-Based learning CIP CODE 1, Work-Based learning CIP CODE 2, Work-Based learning CIP CODE 3, and Work-Based learning CIP CODE 4.
  • Added new validation codes to the CIP Codes validation table.
  • Added warning messages to show during student download when an inactive code is selected for any of the four new fields.
  • Added error messages to show when Work Based Learning Type is any value but Z, and the corresponding Work-Based Learning CIP Code is blank.
  • Added new Industry Credential Codes in the validation table.
  • Updated the description for 0CREDAG001 and 0CREDHE003 in the Industry Credentials validation table.

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