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Student Addresses Page

Registration > Entry & Reports > Student Demographic > Addresses

The following fields are used in reporting the Student Contact Address Record (FG) for EMIS.

AptIf applicable, enter the apartment number.
ComplexIf applicable, enter the complex name.
House Number (FG080)Enter the house number.
Street Prefix (FG080)If applicable, enter the street prefix (i.e. N or S).
Street Name (FG080)Enter the street name.
Street Type (FG080)Enter the street type (i.e. Rd or St).
Street Suffix (FG080)If applicable, enter the street suffix (i.e. N or S).
DevelopmentIf applicable, enter the development name.
City (FG100)Enter the city name.
State (FG120)Enter the state code.
Zip Code (FG130)Enter the zip code.
County Code (FG110)Enter the county code.
Effective Date (FG150)

Enter the effective date when the student resided at current address. Prior address history can be found using Address History.

Address History can be found be using the Additional options button on the Addresses panel.

Include in State Contact Address ReportingChecked if you want to include the address information in EMIS reporting.
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