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Mapped Courses

Regulatory > Setup > EMIS Setup > Mapped Courses

This option is used to define the Mapped Local Course records to report to EMIS. The Mapped Local Course records are used to map a course to another course code so you can combine students from multiple classes into a single classroom code. Within EMIS, students in the course-section entered in the From Class Code will be mapped (moved) to the course-section entered in the To Class Code. The From Class Code will no longer exist in EMIS.

You should only map Career Technical courses. Furthermore, you should only map courses where students were scheduled into multiple course-sections, but all course-sections really make up the same class for the teacher. 

You can have multiple records that indicate the same To Classroom Code, but a local classroom code can only be listed one time in the From Classroom Code field.

From Classroom Code (CM050)Select the local classroom code from which you want to map students to the class specified in the To Classroom Code.
To Classroom Code (CM060)Select the local classroom code to which students will be mapped.
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