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Loading Direct Certification Data

PowerSchool provides an upload definition which will create the program tracking records for meal status for students who are in the direct certification file. It will also set the Close Direct Cert. on the Direct Certification page to N (unchecked).

To improve tracking of students who were certified last year, but not this year, set the Close Direct Cert. field to Y (checked) for all students who had direct certification for the prior year prior to loading certification data.

The Run Upload will:

  • Set Meal Status on the Personal page to FDC.
  • Create program tracking records. If the student has an existing record for Meal Status, the record will be closed and a record will be created with a code of FDC.
  • Set Close Direct Cert. on the EMIS Direct Cert page to N.

Note that if you want to use a different Meal Status code, copy the OH-DC interface definition and make the appropriate changes.

Setting Close Direct Cert. to Y for Students

  1. Select Registration > Utilities > Mass Update > Registration Mass Update
  2. Include the following in the Filter panel:
    • Area: Personal
    • Field Name: Meal Status
    • Condition: Equal
    • Value: FDC
  3. Click Load.
  4. To update values, enter the following in the Prompts panel:
    • Area: Direct Certification
    • Field Name: Close Direct Cert.
    • Value: Y
  5. Click Run.

Uploading Direct Certification

  1. Move the direct certification file that you want to upload to eSchoolPlus to a directory which is easy to find.
  2. Change the name of the file to direct_cert.txt.
  3. Right-click on the file and select to open it with Notepad. Verify that the file is comma-delimited and is readable. If there is an issue with the file, do not continue to the next step.
  4. From the Administration menu, select Upload File (Administration > Utilities > Download & Upload > Upload File).
  5. Click Browse.
  6. On the Choose File window, navigate to the directory from Step 1. Double click on the direct_cert.txt file.
  7. Click Upload Records. When the upload is complete, the file will be stored in your report directory.
  8. Select Administration > Utilities > Download & Upload > Run Upload.
  9. On the Run Upload page, select Interface ID OH-DC Direct Certification Upload. We recommend that you run in Verify mode before running in Update mode.
  10. Enter the program tracking dates to use. The Import Directory field should be set to User's Report Directory. Do not check Insert New Records.
  11. Click Run.
  12. Check the Interface Upload Log for errors.
  13. Verify that student's information was loaded correctly by checking the Personal and the EMIS Direct Cert pages.

Possible Error



External query on field reg.STUDENT_ID did not return any records. Setting field to blank.

Cannot insert a blank value into reg_personal.STUDENT_ID. Record skipped.

This upload uses the student's last name and birthdate to select the student to update. These errors occur If the upload cannot find a match.

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