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Importing WebXam (CTAE) Technical Assessment Scores

The following section provides instructions for importing WebXam test scores from a state file into eSchoolPlus student test records. WebXam signifies your CTAE, Technical Assessment. The import procedure requires you first to use the Run Upload utility against your state test score file. The upload process updates the CTAE_TECH_ASSESS Test Definition with the Assessment Codes in your state file, adding a sub-test and score fields for each WebXam Assessment Code. You can then run the test score import for WebXam to pull the student scores into eSchoolPlus Test History records.

To import WebXam test score from a state file:

  1. Use the Upload File option to move your WebXam.csv file to the eSchoolPlus report directory. (Administration > Utilities > Download & Upload > Upload File)
  2. Select Administration > Utilities > Download & Upload > Run Upload.
  3. On the Run Upload page, make the following prompts selections:
    • For Interface ID, select WXM18.
    • Select the Insert New Records box.
    • For Import Directory, select User's Report Directory.
  4. Click Run. The upload adds sub-tests and score fields to the CTAE_TECH_ASSESS Test Definition for the Assessment Codes included in the state file.
  5. Select Test Scores > All > Utilities > Import Scores from File.
  6. Run the import for the WebX Interface ID to update student test records based on the state file.
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