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EMIS Special Ed Page

Registration > Entry and Reports > Student District Defined > EMIS Special Ed 

The EMIS Special Ed page is used to enter the information to report as part of the Student Special Education record. These records provide a way for you to track the date of an event in the Special Education process for a student and the outcome of the event. When the Student/Course Downloads option is run, Student Special Education download records are created for the events which need to be reported for the reporting period.

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Date Indicator (GE100)Select the code that identifies the type of event that occurred on the date.
Date (GE110)Enter the date the event occurred.
Outcome (GE120)Select the outcome of the event.
Non compliance ID (GE130)Select the code for the reason an event has not met federally mandated time lines.
Outcome Beginning Date (GE140)Enter the date on which the outcome of the event becomes effective.
Outcome End Date (GE150)Enter the last date on which the outcome of the event will be effective.
IEP Test Type (GE160)Select the format of test that the student is required to take for all tests.
OGT Subtest Exempt Flags (FE090, FE100)Check all applicable subtests where student has an exemption for OGT.
  • C = Social Studies
  • M = Math
  • R = Reading
  • W = Writing
  • S = Science
  • HIST = American/United States History
  • PHYS = Physical Science
  • ELA1 = English Language Arts I
  • ELA2 = English Language Arts II
  • ALG1 = Algebra I
  • GEOM = Geometry
  • MTH1 = Mathematics I
  • MTH2 = Mathematics II
  • BIOL = Biology
  • GOVM = Government
Secondary Planning Element (GE170)Select the result of transition planning on the IEP for students age 14 and above.
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