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EMIS Building Setup

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Menu path: Select Regulatory from the main menu, select Setup submenu, select EMIS Setup, and then select EMIS Building Setup.

This option is used to define how the building reports information for EMIS.

Enter the building information to report in the Organization General Information (DN) record. Where applicable, the tables below include the Attribute Name (DN060) and Attribute Number (DN090) records that are used to report DN records to EMIS.

Building Setup Panel

Feeder School IRN

Enter the IRN number for the principal school into which the majority of the students will enroll after completion of all grade levels in the reporting school.

If no IRN number applies, leave this field blank.

Physical Education Evaluation Counts Panel


Attribute Name (DN060)

Attribute Number (DN090)

Grade Range

The grade band for each Physical Education Evaluation count. A row will appear for each grade band served by the building. Below are the grade bands available:

  • K-2 (KG)
  • 3-5 (03)
  • 6-8 (06)
  • 9-12 (09)

The 2-digit band code is added to each Attribute Name when reporting. For example, reporting the count of Advanced students in grades 6-8 would have the attribute name of PHYSEDAD06.

If a grade is served, but the grade band is not assessed, in a given building, the user should enter all zeros in these fields. For example, if there is a Kindergarten-only building in a district that evaluates the KG-2 grade band in 2nd grade only, the user would enter all zeros for the K-2 grade band.



Enter the number of students who meet the Limited level (0-9999).



Enter the number of students who meet the Proficient level (0-9999).



Enter the number of students who meet the Advanced level (0-9999).

Not Evaluated


Enter the number of students who were not evaluated (0-9999).

Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) Implementation Stage


Attribute Name (DN060)

Attribute Number (DN090)



Enter the letter code reflecting the current state of PBIS implementation for the building.

  • A - Work on implementing PBIS has not yet begun.
  • B - Exploration and Adoption - Researching PBIS, exploring readiness, and securing staff and administration agreement to implement the PBIS.
  • C - Installation - Creating the PBIS team, completing PBIS team training, and establishing initial systems, data-decisions, policies and practices that will be required to implement PBIS.
  • D - Initial Implementation - Rolling out and implementing PBIS schoolwide with a focus on Tier I supports.
  • E - Full Implementation - Implementing PBIS with all systemic components and a range of interventions (Tier I, II, and III supports).
  • F - Innovation and Sustainability - Routinely checking fidelity and outcomes of implementation using national assessments, and revising and updating practices and systems as needed.

Stage Start Date


Select the PBIS Stage start date to calculate the number of months between today’s date and the start date.

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