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July 2021 Major Maintenance Release

These changes have been released in the following software versions unless otherwise noted in the release note:

  • ESP_19.11.36.0
  • ESP_20.4.29.0
  • ESP_21.4.6.0
ReferenceSummaryRelease Note
ESP-61596NY Script

NY script resulted in unique key constraint violation while inserting the data in two script files. Updated the insert query to use maximum value for the field while inserting which has unique key constraint.

ESP-61422Test Definition Setup and Student Test Detail

Updated the assessment codes and description for June Regents exams: to be available when adding Student Test details:

  • Regents Common Core Algebra I Exempt – Jun (Code: 06304E)
  • Regents Common Core ELA Exempt – Jun (Code: 06340E)
  • Regents Living Environment Exempt – Jun (Code: 06059E)
  • Regents Phy Set/Earth Sci Exempt – Jun (Code: 06200E)

This is not applicable for ESP_19.11.36.0.

ESP-61378Programs (ELL - English Language Learner) and NY Student Downloads (Programs Fact)

Added ELL Eligible Student Service Level values for ELL eligible students:

  • FULL: ELL eligible students receiving the required units of study
  • PARTIAL: ELL eligible students receiving less than the required units of study
  • NONE: ELL eligible students currently not receiving service
ESP-61345Validation Tables (select New York State Reporting and then select CTE Program)

Updated the Application Script to allow 10 characters instead of six characters for State Code Equivalent field in CTE Programs.

ESP-63002Validation Tables (select New York State Reporting and then select NY Attendance Code)

Updated the NY Attendance Code validation table to submit the correct attendance codes for the state reporting requirements.

ESP-61136NY Student Downloads (School Entry/Exit)

Added filter condition to the Previous Enrollment Query to fetch the correct entry date from the NY_ENTRY_EXIT_DOWN download table when the Completed Year Withdrawal Codes field is blank.

This is not applicable for ESP_19.11.36.0.

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