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IEPDirect Centris Synch

This section will give you information about how to create the xml file for the Centris Synch process so that the IEPDirect system is updated.

Creating the IEPDirect XML File

  1. Go to Regulatory > Extracts > Extracts > NY IEP Direct.
  2. Enter the File Name, select the Student Address and Contact Type on the IEP Direct-Centris Synch page


Default Value

File Location

Required. Will be taken from registry key UserFileLoc and appended with district number.XML. Display only.

File Name

Required. The file name will be built from the value entered in the File Name prompt plus the current system date and time when the file is generated. <File Name>_<Date time>.xml. The <Date time> will be in format yyyymmdd_hhmmss. You should not enter the file extension of .xml.

File Type

Select Text or XML.

Student Address

Required. Options are Mailing Address, Physical Address or Both. The default is Physical Address. Other choices are – Guardian and Emergency Contact.

Contact Type

Optional; Select the contact type if you wish to narrow the contacts to be included for the Student.

Run Error Scan

Optional; Checked if you wish to pre-process the validation tables for missing state code equivalencies. The default for this is unchecked.

Log Statistics

Optional; Checked to generate log file with processing statistics. The default for this is checked.

After you have the system set up properly and are ready to test the IEPDirect Centris Synch file, you should run this with Run Error Scan checked so that you verify that your validation tables are set up properly.

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