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District Wide Staff Assignment

Administration > Registration Setup > Building > Staff > District-Defined panel > District Wide Staff Information

Use this page to record assignment information for non-teaching staff members at the district-wide level, such as an Assistant Superintendent. This information is referenced in the Staff Assignment template. The page lets you define the staff member's assignment in terms of the two code sets applicable to Staff Assignment records:

  • Personnel Master File (PMF) assignment codes providing a descriptive identifier for the staff member's job.
  • Engage NY Portal (ENYP) assignment codes identifying the staff member's data access level within ENYP.

The Staff Assignment Download and Extract options let you create PMF records, ENYP records, or both.

Note that this page does not include a Grade List. Any staff member with a district-level record gets an Assignment Grade Level value of ALL in the Staff Assignment template.



Assignment Date

Date the staff member's assignment began. The Staff Assignment Download determines the Assignment Date as follows:

Compare first day of the prompted School Year to the Assignment Date from District Wide Staff Assignment page. Use whichever date comes later chronologically.

For example, if you run the download for the 2015 school year, and the calendar for the year begins on 7/01/2014, this date is used as the Assignment Date for anyone with an Assignment Date earlier than 7/01/2014.

Completion Date

Date when the staff member's assignment ended for the indicated role.

ENYP Assignment Code

If applicable, select the code identifying the staff member's level of data access for the Engage NY Portal relative to this assignment.

PMF Assignment Code

Select the most specific code identifying the staff member's function you are reporting in the Personnel Master File.

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