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December 2021 Major Maintenance Release

These changes have been released in the following software version:

  • ESP_21.4.16.0
ReferenceSummaryRelease Note
ESP-68777NY Student Extract (Student Digital Access Details)

Updated the NY Student Digital Access Details Extract file to retrieve all characters for the Primary Learning Device Type field from the download.

ESP-68752Digital Access Details

Updated the date format as mm-dd-yyyy when performing an upload and successfully storing the data in the table.

ESP-68254Digital Access Details

Updated the order of the fields on the NY Student Digital Access Details district-defined page based on order of the questions in the standard survey.

Locked the Digital Access Details page.

Updated the date format as mm-dd-yyyy when performing an upload and successfully storing the data in the table.

ESP-68610Attendance Codes

Created a Crosswalk table and added attendance local codes for Present In School (PRSNT-IN) and Present Out of School (PRSNT-OUT) as they were not retrieving correctly in the NY Attendance Code download and extract.

ESP-67715Programs Fact, Assessment Fact, and Programs (PTA-Physical Therapy Aides)
  • Updated the description to “ELL Eligibility Exit Using August/September 2021 NYSITELL score only” for the Code 3050 in the validation table.
  • Removed the test codes 06304E, 06340E, 06059E, 06200E, 01052, and 06052 from the tables.
  • Inactivated the code 86 in the validation tables, nytb_regents_exam and NYTB_CC_REGNT_EXAM.
  • Updated the validation table column value from NYTB_STAND_MET to NYTB_CC_REGNT_EXAM in the LTDB_SUBTEST_Score table for Test Codes 01208, 06208, and 06072.
  • Inactivated the course code 04101 for the School Year 2022 in the MR_STATE_COURSES table.
  • Added a new program 'Physical Therapy Aides' to the programs list.
  • Added new codes to the tables, NYTB_CC_REGNT_EXAM and nytb_rct_alts.
ESP-67005NY Attendance Extract

Updated the NY Attendance Extract to not log errors in the log file on Attendance Codes: OSSE, OSSP, OSST, OSSU, ISSE, ISSP, ISST, and ISSU that have a blank state group in the Attendance page.

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