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State ID Upload Utility


  1. Save the file from the state in an easy to find directory (Desktop; My Documents; etc.)
  2. Rename the file you got from the state to SIDupload.csv
  3. Right click on the file & click "Open With" Notepad. Make sure the file is comma delimited & readable.
    • NOTE: If the file is not readable (full of funny characters) then open the file in Excel by double clicking on it & click File_Save As_ and make sure the file type is CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv) and save again. Try re-opening by right clicking & opening with Notepad.
  4. Open eSchoolPlus and click Upload File on the menu bar.
  5. Click Browse & browse to the location of the SIDupload.csv file that you just verified is readable.
  6. Highlight the file and click to open the selected file.
  7. Click Upload on the original upload screen – the processing window will display.
  8. The Upload File page will appear with a message that it has successfully been uploaded.
  9. If you go to "My Home", your file, SIDupload.csv, will display along with your list of other reports.
  10. Click on _State Center  State Id Upload_ to load the state ids contained in the file.
  11. Select Interface Id: NJSID (which is pre-defined by PowerSchool). Leave the User's Report Directory selected (this is the directory we loaded the file into).
  12. Click Run.
  13. Upon completion, open the Interface Upload Log file and review any error information encountered during processing. Interface Upload Processing / Log file information:
    • If your student had a state id & the file is now trying to assign the student a new state id; it will move that original state id to the previous state id field and save the new state id in the state id field on the Personal Page.
    • If the state id that is trying to be assigned has already been assigned to another student in your district – it will not load that state id & it will log a message in the Interface Upload Log file. The message will read: "Cannot Update State ID; State ID:xxxxxxx Already exists for another student ID."
    • If the student id in the file does not exist in registration it will log the following message in the Interface Upload Log file, "Cannot Update State ID; Student ID: xxxxxx does not exist in the Personal table."
    • If the student id has already been assigned that same state id you will get the following message in the log file: "Not Updating State ID;xxxxx Already exists for student ID xxxxxx being processed." (this message will only appear if it tries to upload the exact same state id number for the same student)
    • If you have blank lines in the file you will get the following message in the log file (one for each blank line): "Cannot Update State ID; Student ID: does not exist in the Personal table." This error just means there were blank lines that were skipped, so you can ignore it. You will also get a message about the Header row that will read: "Cannot Update State ID; Student ID:LocalIdent does not exist in the Personal table." You may also ignore this error.
  14. Check your students and verify they now have state ids on the Personal page.


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