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NJ SMART Submissions

The following sections will give you information on how to populate the download tables for students and to create extracts and files for submission to the State. First, you will learn how to navigate through the software. We also show you the mapping for the state files so that you can see where the data in the files is being pulled from in eSchoolPlus.

To populate the download tables for students before running file extracts:

  1. Run the NJ SMART Submission File option with Run Download checked and Run Extract unchecked.
  2. Review student data for accuracy using Student Download Summary.
  3. Make changes in eSchoolPlus wherever needed.
  4. Repeat Step 1 for the appropriate students. Make sure Update Existing Records is checked so the Download tables are updated with the corrected data.
  5. Do a final review of student data using Student Download Summary.
  6. Run NJ SMART Submission File for the appropriate file submission type. Make sure Run Extract is checked.


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