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NJ SMART Special Education

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This page stores the student's Special Education history in terms of Event codes and, in some cases, additional designations. Special Education information is reported in the NJ SMART Special Education submission file.



Event Start Date

Start date associated with the special education event. For example, if the event is an Initial IEP Meeting, you would enter the date when the meeting occurred.

SE Event

Special education event code. Valid event codes are pre-loaded into eSchoolPlus based on columns used in the NJ SMART Special Education submission.

For NJ SMART rules associated with each event, refer to the most recent Special Education Student Data Handbook.

Process Delay Rsn

Code identifying the reason for a delay in processing the student's IEP. Use this field if the SE Event selection is PROCESSDELAYRSN – Initial Process Delay Reason.


State-defined code identifying the placement group where the student receives special education and related services. Use this field if the selected event code is PLACE – Special Placement.

Time in Regular Program

Number of hours per week the student attends regular Early Childhood education or Kindergarten classes. You can enter decimal numbers in cases where you need to record half hour increments, for example, 6.5 to indicate six-and-a-half hours.

End Date

End date associated with the special education event. If the event code indicates a meeting or other one-day event, then you can enter an End Date that is the same as the Event Start Date, or you can leave the End Date blank.

For the IEP event code, you would use the IEP end date here.

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