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View MOSIS Student Download Records

After you have downloaded data, you may view the data one student at a time or you can do a search to find a group of downloaded records.

MO State Download Search

Regulatory > Summary > Download Search > MO State Download Search.

Use this option to look at records for a download table for multiple students. When you search using this option, the fields in the table display as columns with rows for the records that meet your search criteria.

This tool is helpful if you want to look at the download records in one table based on data in a different download table.

You can also use this tool to create a report of download data as an Excel file.

  1. Select Regulatory > Summary > Download Search > MO State Download Search.
  2. On the Search page, select the Submission to view.
  3. You may further define your search by using the Search Criteria panel. The available criteria will vary depending on the Record Type.
  4. If you entered search criteria, click Load.
  5. If you want view more details for a field, click on the hyperlink to display the associated page in a pop-up. Note that not all fields will be hyperlinked. The screen that opens is dependent upon where the field is located in eSchoolPLUS. For example, the Birth Date field will open the Registration page.

MO State Download Summary

Use this page to review the MOSIS records for a student. From this page, you can edit a record or manually add a record. Typically, it is a best practice to update the MOSIS source information instead of the download records so future submissions will also have the correct information.

  1. Select Regulatory > Summary > Download Search > MO State Download Summary.
  2. Select the student.
  3. On the Student Summary page, select the Record Type to review.
  4. To limit the years of data displayed, select the appropriate year in the View Type field. Otherwise, select History to see all records.
  5. To insert a download record, enter values in the top row that has the heading Insert New Row. Click Save when you are done.
  6. To edit a download record, click Select Edit Mode. Make changes to information as needed. Click Save.
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