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Submission Procedures and Prerequisites

Below are the recommended procedures for MOSIS submissions.

All MOSIS Submissions

  1. Verify data in the setup section is filled in.
  2. Enter required student, staff, and course data in eSchoolPlus.
  3. Run MO MOSIS Download to create the download records.
  4. Verify downloaded data using the MO State Download Search or MO State Download Summary.
  5. Make any necessary changes to data based on the information in the log files.
  6. Run MO MOSIS Extract Files to create the submission files.
  7. Save file to your desktop.
  8. Load file to appropriate location at State.

June MOSIS Submission

Before beginning the submission process for June, complete the Registration Rollover.
Then, follow the process described above.

Assessment Pre-code Submission

  1. Enter required data in eSchoolPlus.
  2. Run MO MOSIS Assessment Pre-code File.
  3. Save file to your desktop.
  4. Load file to appropriate location at State.
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