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There are a number of programs used for Missouri state reporting. 

ALTBD: Alt Accountability Bldg

ATDIST: Attending District

MO504: 504 Plan

MOCTE: MO CTE/Grad Followup

MODEM: MOSIS Demographics

MODIS: Disadvantaged


MOGIF: MO Gifted

MOHOM: Homeless Status

MOMEL: Meal Status

MOMIG: Migrant

MOREF: MO Referrals

MOSED: MO Special Ed

MOSUP: Supplemental Ed Services

MOTIL: Title

MOUSM: Number of Months in US - For students who first entered the US more than three years (36 months) ago, but  have not been in the United States continuously and should have a value reported in the Number of Months in USA field in the Student Core field, enter the Cumulative Number of months as of April 1 of the Reporting Year.

RESBD: State Bldg of Residence

RESID: Residency


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