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MOSIS Student Course

Scheduling > Student Schedules > Student > Schedule Entry > click a course-section's Description link > expand the Other Student Course Information section > click MOSIS Student Course



Submission File(s)

Receiving College/District

Select the appropriate College or District code for the institution that the student was sent to for this dual-credit course.

Student Course Completion

Sending District/School

If the student was sent to your District from another District for this course, select the appropriate District/School code.

Student Course Completion

Dual Credit Site

If the student is receiving Dual Credit for this course, select the appropriate location/medium.

Student Course Completion

Course Completion Comment

From the MOSIS File Spec: free-form notes used to indicate (1) job titles for Course 887900, (2) course titles for "Other" (xxxx99) courses, (3) supplemental assignment for Course 880000, (4) teachers assisted by an aide, (5) aides assisting a teacher or (6) other nonstandard info

Student Course Completion

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